Goldstein, et al. v. Houlihan/Lawrence Inc.
Goldstein v. Houlihan Lawrence
Case No. 60767/2018

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If You Bought or Sold Residential Real Estate with The Assistance of Houlihan Lawrence between January 1, 2011 and July 14, 2018, This Class Action Notice May Affect Your Rights

What is this lawsuit about?

The class action lawsuit alleges that Houlihan Lawrence breached fiduciary duties and engaged in deceptive and misleading business practices by acting as the agent for the buyers and sellers in the same residential real estate transaction without disclosing all facts material to the dual agency and obtaining both parties’ informed written consent. Plaintiffs allege that Houlihan Lawrence acted as an undisclosed, non-consensual dual agent in these residential real estate transactions, and that Plaintiffs and members of the Class have been damaged, as a result. Houlihan Lawrence denies Plaintiffs’ claims and asserts multiple defenses, including that Houlihan Lawrence’s challenged actions were disclosed, consensual, and have not harmed Plaintiffs or caused any damages. Houlihan Lawrence has appealed the Court’s class certification decision.

Who is included?

The Class consists of all home buyers and sellers of residential real estate in Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess County, New York from January 1, 2011 and July 14, 2018 in which Houlihan Lawrence represented both buyer and seller in the same transaction, except for those who entered into an arbitration agreement with Houlihan Lawrence.


These deadlines may be moved, canceled, or otherwise modified, so please check this site regularly for updates.

Option and Deadline Event

Do Nothing

Stay in this lawsuit and await the outcome.

By doing nothing, the certification ruling means that any judgment in this case whether favorable to Plaintiffs or Houlihan Lawrence – will bind all Class Members who do not timely elect to be excluded from the Class in the manner described in this notice.

Ask to Be Excluded ("Opt-Out")
by May 10, 2023

Get no benefits from lawsuit. Keep certain rights.

If you ask to be excluded from this lawsuit and money is later awarded, you will not be allowed to request a payment. However, you preserve any rights to sue Houlihan Lawrence at your own expense and with your own attorney about the same legal claims in this lawsuit.

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